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Dateline: 26 January 2013

AxSA: Factoid of the Week
High-speed Internet providers love to talk about the performance of their services, which can reach, on average, as much as 300 megabits per second, but what does not get told to end-users is that the manner of their connectivity typically affects that performance. Take wi-fi connections, for example. The location of, and the power supply to, a router, as well as the presence of any other airwave and wi-fi devices, can impair the remote connection between that router and the end-user’s computer or tablet. In fact, according to a recent whitepaper from content-delivery firm Akamai, most people only receive about 50% of the performance available to them.

AxSA: Conversations – Coming Soon
February 2013
Guest: LaQuita Middleton-Holmes, the Executive Director of the Visionary Civil Rights Heritage Tour

March 2013
Guests: Billy Bosch & Matthew Mouras, the founders of Be Well Nutrition, Inc.

News & Commentary
Site Unseen: More ‘Angels’ Invest via Internet
Wall Street Journal
More investors are willing to gamble their money on new businesses that they’ve not performed the most thorough due diligence. Is this a smart practice? More

Canada Sets Start-up Visa to Attract Entrepreneur Immigrants
Thinking of starting a new business? Have you ever considered doing so in beautiful Vancouver or posh Toronto? Well, starting this April, if you’ve got the backing of a recognized Canadian financier, then your prospects for relocating just got brighter.  More

Burger King Drops Horse Meat Supplier Firm after Horse DNA Is Found in Beef
International Business Times
It is another blow to the brand of a fast-food chain already unable to find its footing. More

The Latest, Deadliest Gun and Weaponry Innovations, Bought to You by a Newtown, CT Trade Group
Fast Company
At the Las Vegas gun show, groups like the Newtown-based National Shooting Sports Foundation demonstrated precision-guided bullets and guns that share targeting information over social networks. More

The Most Dangerous Word to Use at Work
Because this word carries with it a hint of negativity, it might as well have four letters. More

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