Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pearla the Motivator

My mother is one of the coolest people on the planet. Now, to be sure, all of folks will say that same thing about their own mothers, but this is quite true about mine. This is a woman who can walk into a room filled with cynical people and lift everyone's spirits. What's more, people find so much encouragement from her strong faith in God, which she wears as gleaming badge of honor. All told, my mom is truly just an amazing woman.

Most of you who are close to me are probably aware that she had a major surgery yesterday. Well, I am quite pleased to report that she came through it quite well, and that she doing fine, as of 7:00 AM, today. She will have a bit of a recuperation process ahead of her, but I strongly believe that she will pull through it all without any problems. For that, we are all grateful, and we all thank God.

In this world, there really do need to be more people like my mother - people who find goodness and positive attributes in all things, people who can look beyond hardships and enjoy life. That is my mom, the prototypical motivator of men (and women)...Just to illustrate my point, in this post, I'd like to share with you guys a few videos from French Quarter 2010. Indeed, when I say that my mom is a crowd-mover, you'll see that she really is. Far be it for her to allow people to stand idly by when they could be enjoying the moment.

Thanks for being such a blessing to everyone in your path, Mom.


John said...

My prayers are with you all. Get better soon, Miss Pearl!

Digger in LV said...

Gary, I hope you mom gets better.

Look, I liked this latest podcast and I do agree with you. "Job security" is an oxymoron. Problem is people don't want to hear that, they don't do the truth well. So when you tell them that they have to get ready to compete, they are not going to like you...but good job, anyway.

One more thing: I heard this week that people getting retrained for new jobs are having a hard time finding new jobs in these new fields. So that does not work either, does it? So are people screwed?

Tyler L. said...

Gary, you would stand up for greed, but what he does not want to see is the fact that companies are made up of people. People matter. When people like you stop just looking at numbers and start remembering that who does the work, maybe then companies will not feel like they can run over their workers. Until then, this is exactly why we have unions.

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