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Dateline: 17 February 2013

AxSA: Factoid of the Week
The first well using the modern drilling technique of fracking bore its hole in the ground outside of Fort Worth in the late 1990’s. Today, that technology has unleashed an energy renaissance in the United States and Canada, affording us greater access to plentiful supplies of shale oil and gas. Interestingly enough, though, the U.S. and Canada are not the only nations with the potential for such finds. According to a recent study commissioned by the U.S. government, there is as much as 6.6 quadrillion cubic feet of shale oil and gas around the world. That’s enough to meet global demand for 50 years, and excluding Russia and the Middle East, the five largest shale deposits can be found in China (1,275 trillion cubic feet), the United States (862 trillion), Argentina (774 trillion), Mexico (681 trillion), and South Africa (485 trillion).

AxSA: Conversations
This week - 19 February 2013
Guest: LaQuita Middleton-Holmes, the Executive Director of the Visionary Civil Rights Heritage Tour

News & Commentary
More Than a Pitchman: Why Stars Are Getting Marketing Titles
Advertising Age
A recent dust-up regarding Blackberry’s newest creative director Alicia Keys and a “hacked” Twitter account has prompted some to ask: why are companies giving celebrities professional titles, and do the celebs play a role in the development of these brands? Natalie Zmuda and Rupal Parekh decided to explore this trend for themselves. What their report shares with us is, the effort really has more to do with co-branding than, say, real work on the product brand and its marketing. More

6 Ways to Enhance Your Credibility
Inc. Magazine
In order to lead, rather than just differentiate yourself, from the rest of the pack, you must ditch the salesmanship and adopt a new approach centered on transparency, humility, and fact-based decision-making. More

The IRS Just Sent Me $160,000. Can I Keep It?
Harvard Business Review
First of all, if you are considering any other answer than “no”, then you certainly should read this article from Adi Ignatius, because it might be time to address your “greedier inner self”. More

Dealing with Dilemmas: Where Business Analytics Fall Short
Business Performance Management
Much of our tactile decision-making is based on increasingly strong analytical data designed to spot trends, but strategic decision-making requires different resources. In fact, when making long-range decisions, it is more important to go beyond your basic business intelligence protocols, and take multiple, and often non-uniform, streams of data into consideration. More

Can the Fed Stop Interest Rates from Spiking
The age of cheap money is coming to a close—but just how quickly, and by how much, could interest rates head skyward? The financial chieftain of insurer New York Life is planning for one scenario wherein interest rates could jump by as much as 700 basis points in three years. Would your business be prepared to handle such lofty borrowing costs? More

It’s necessary to break a few eggs to make a better omelet. The same is true for websites. Coming soon, the brand new

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