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Dateline: 19 January 2013

AxSA: Factoid of the Week
Recently, workers and interviewees from across the country have been unpleasantly surprised by employer requests for access to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. One state, though, has moved to prevent this practice. As of January 1, 2013, in the state of California, it is unlawful for public and private employers to request usernames and/or passwords of any existing or potential worker’s personal social-media accounts. Furthermore, the law prohibits employers from taking retaliatory action against anyone who declines to comply with a request for such credentials. The Social-Media Privacy Act, which adds new provisions to California’s Labor Code, is the most concise law of its kind, but it does not cover employer-provided hardware. An employer still has a right to confiscate or request credentials necessary for unlocking and assessing computers and other devices that it has made available for use by workers.

News & Commentary
Here’s What Happened the Last Time the U.S. Defaulted on Its Debt
The Atlantic Monthly
Republicans are scrambling to craft a workable plan to raise the debt ceiling and avert a technical default on U.S. debt. They have a good reason to do so: the fear of history repeating itself. This article takes a look at the last time our leaders failed to raise the debt ceiling, in 1979, and the immediate impact on the financial markets…More

Resources Scarce for Terrebonne’s Homeless
The Courier
Houma is thriving. It touts one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and celebrates a vibrant and growing economy. Unfortunately, those at the bottom of the economic ladder are finding little help in Bayou Country…More

What Shipper CEOs and Execs Should Know About 3PLs
Global Trade Magazine
(AxSA Recommended)
When companies are selecting a shipping partner, it should not be approached without attention to detail.  For this article, AxSA founder Gary Harrell and several other logistics experts were interviewed to craft a set of principles necessary in forging successful, third-party logistics relationships...More

The Messy Link between Slave Owners and modern Management
Harvard Working Knowledge
Monitoring and improving the productivity of today’s worker happens to be strangely similar to the methods used on the South’s most prosperous plantations…More

6 Habits of Remarkably Likeable People
You have to have more than just charisma to be a well-liked person of influence in this world. Let’s start with just being yourself, asking for nothing in return for your effort, and using the power of touch…More

Software Developer Caught Outsourcing His Own Job to China
Fast Company
One IT developer paid others a fraction of his six-figure salary, while the focus of his professional development became cat videos…More

The 620-hp Falcon F7 Is 2013’s Most Coveted Car
Bloomberg TV
Whoever said America’s lead in the auto sector was history just has not seen this supercar…More

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