Saturday, January 12, 2013

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Dateline: 12 January 2013

AxSA: Factoid of the Week
The $13.7 billion dairy-milk industry faced many challenges in recent months—severe drought conditions, rising feed costs, and even a pricing threat in the wake of the Fiscal Cliff. Nevertheless, those challenges may pale in comparison to the one posed by a wearisome trend in the marketplace. As consumer appetites evolve, competition from other beverages like bottled water, energy drinks, and nondairy milk alternatives is working to suppress demand for nearly all forms of traditional milk products. In fact, so impactful has this shift been that, at 20 billion gallons, dairy milk consumption is down 30% since 1975.

AxSA: Conversations – “Facing Down the Fiscal Cliff”
Should we raise the debt ceiling? Has sluggish growth really become the new normal for the United States? What makes 2022 such a pivotal time for our country? What does our monetary policy mean for price-sensitive commodities and your income? Why does America need more Henry Fords and fewer Mark Zuckerbergs? And what do Homer Simpson and $1 trillion coins have in common?

Financial columnist Logan Mohtashami sits down again with AxSA founder Gary Harrell to discuss the political brawl to avert the Fiscal Cliff and the inadvertent setup for more dueling over federal spending and debt in 2013.

Podcast recorded on January 11, 2013. To listen, click here.

News & Commentary
Professional Development
The Most Productive Way to Meet Your Company’s Goals This Year: Choose Just One Word
Fast Company
Rather than setting vague resolutions, writer Jon Gordon says using one word as the embodiment of all that you hope to achieve can be more effective…More

The Success Myth
Wall Street Journal
Assuming that success is predicated on some natural ability is wrong-headed. In fact, as it is pointed out in this piece, success is really a product of planning, practice, and perpetual improvement…More

How Your Affair Is Killing Your Business
Inc Magazine
Poor judgment from an entrepreneur can have an impact on any business, but this one, the ultimate in bad judgment, has the potential of unwinding all of your hard work…More

Smaller U.S. Paychecks in 2013 Spark Twitter Outrage from Disgruntled Obama Voters
International Business Times
Tweeted one individual: “my paycheck was about $50 lighter & I don’t make over $250,000, thank you president Obama for raising taxes!  #liar”…More

The Criminal Element
Suds for Drugs
New York Magazine (NYT)
Procter & Gamble’s popular Tide detergent is increasingly becoming a part of a three-way romp involving money and drugs on America’s streets. Why detergent? Perhaps because addicts know that shoplifting carries less penalties than violent crimes, and that struggling urban families want the quality product without its steep price…More

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