Wednesday, March 21, 2012

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Dateline: 21 March 2012

AxSA Factoid of the Week
16 March 2012
The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that there are untapped oil reserves equivalent to 38 billion barrels, as well as over 101 billion cubic feet of natural gas, in the Gulf of Mexico. Drilling for this rich bounty has not been without problems, of course, as was evidenced in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Nevertheless, since the lifting of a deepwater drilling moratorium, some 316 deepwater well permits and 115 shallow-water well permits have been issued by the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. Strangely enough, the number of new well permits has skyrocketed in recent months, rising by as much as 400% over a year ago, now that the Obama administration has vocalized public support for more domestic production. Even still, critics charge that access to the gulf's vast reserves has been handicapped by the government, insofar as, the new permits, they claim, are for tracks where experts believe there are only small quantities of oil and gas, if any, at all.

News & Commentary
Apple Denies New iPad Overheating Concerns
The tech titan is challenging allegations from Consumer Reports that the latest version of the popular pad is really a hot mess...Read More

Tiny Transmitters Could Help Avert Data Throttling
Technology Review
When installed to cell towers, these devices are able to measure data usage and reallocate network capacity where needed. Heavy data users and their carriers can soon rejoice...Read More

Alberta Rejects First Nations Refinery as Too Risky
Globe & Mail
An attempt by Canada's first nation population to build a $6.6 billion refinery has been thwarted by the provincial government, which has cited concerns about the refinery's economic viability...Read More

Stranger Than Fiction: Oprah Was Bad For Book Sales
The Atlantic Monthly
A new study finds that, interestingly enough, when Oprah promoted titles, the subsequent popularity of those titles came at a great expense to the rest of the publishing industry...Read More

Living with an Entrepreneur and a Venture
Los Angeles Times
(AxSA Recommends)
A new book by the wife of Gary Hirshberg, the founder of Stonyfield, sheds light on the marital stresses and opportunities that arise when a spouse decides to go into business...Read More

Business Startups in Atlanta Decide, but Still 2nd in Nation
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Second only to Arizona in new business creation, Georgia is contending with waning confidence on the part of would-be entrepreneurs...Read More

Should Angel Investors Get Tax Credits to Invest in Small Businesses?
Wall Street Journal
Exam the arguments for and against this approach...Read More

Finance & Investment
More Chinese Investment Likely to Come This Way
San Francisco Chronicle
Say "huan ying". China is looking to dole out $2 trillion in foreign direct investment through 2015, and the largest portion of that is coming to the United States...Read More

African Countries Want Investment Now, Aid Later
Mail & Guardian
With Chinese, Russian, and Indian investment flows into the continent, and with their markets beginning to grow, Africa's leaders tell the West that the old approaches for developing economies are no longer welcome...Read More

Client Testimonial
"It's hard to trust the advice you get when you're going through challenging times. You become accustomed to working a certain way, and if you hear that that's wrong, your first thought is to resist. But what we got from Axiom was the sober kind of change management we needed. Axiom turned this business around and helped us realize how to grow with [its] disciplined strategies. We want people to know that."
Michael Labbe
TX Onshore, LLC

AxSA Salutes...
...Bissap Breeze, the purveyor of New Orleans's first, all-natural, hibiscus- and agave-bended tea.

During New Orleans Entrepreneur Week, the company won both Entergy's Power to the People Award and the Flex Fund Speed Pitch from the Collaborative for Enterprise Development, thereby amassing more than $75,000 in seed capital.

To learn more about Bissap Breeze, click here.

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