Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Week from AxSA, 10.21.2011

Dateline: 21 October 2011

AxSA Factoid of the Week
20 October 2011
American taxpayers with offshore accounts of more than $10,000 are required by law to declare those holdings to the IRS. In recent years, the tax-collection agency has become more aggressive in its efforts to identify offenders, and so far, through partial amnesty programs, 30,000 taxpayers have stepped up, paying $2.7 million in taxes, interest, and penalties. All told, the IRS has collected approximately 50% of the value of many of these accounts.

Talk Forward
18 October 2011 - Gary Harrell & Tray Bailey Tackle the Headlines
Topics on Tap: the financial markets; Occupy Wall Street; Herman Cain versus President Obama; and the Lord's Resistance Army
To listen to the podcast, click here.

News & Commentary
When the Crowd Boos
The John Maxwell Co.
As the leader of an organization, you will not always be liked. Here are a few steps for dealing with the cynicism...Read More

Farmers Sense the End of Big Boom
Wall Street Journal
The sector has benefitted from high crop prices and strong export demand, but those advantages have begun to erode...Read More

Food Trucks Ride Cool Factor
Globe & Mail
Who says you need for walls when you can have four wheels and bring it to the customers? Read More

New Orleans Entrepreneurs Find Business Opportunity in Greek Life
Times Picayune
A Tulane duo launches a new web service designed to let fraternities and sororities communicate more efficiently with their members...Read More

The Spread of Start-up America & the Rise of the High-Tech South
The Atlantic
From Austin to Raleigh-Durham, investments in new technology start-ups are growing...Read More

Why Google and Microsoft Are Bad-Mouthing Apple's Chatty Siri
Fast Company
The competition knows that Siri, if perfected, might produce a leap in the search world and a big loss in advertising revenue...Read More

Experts Skeptical of "Anti-Concussion" Sports Equipment
Los Angeles Times
Though a number of products from chin straps to helmets to mouth guards are said to reduce injury, doctors say the claims are false...Read More

The Arab Spring in Autumn


Mashoud said...

It's good to see the duo back in action. I have one point though. The Occupy Wall Street group and most liberals I work with are not in the same crowd. OWS does not understand the financial world and they surely don't like it either. A lot of those folks want to see what we do come to an end. That is not the kind of people who cheer us on as we go into work.

Junie said...

Holy shit! I feel so stupid when I listen to you guys talk about the issues. Good though.

JohnAlex said...

DUDE! Good talk on racism!

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