Friday, January 26, 2007

To my friends:

I hope that you are in a charitable mood, because I am about to hit ya'll up for a very worthy cause.

The Houma Regional Arts Council will be hosting its Hearts For Arts silent and live auctions, on Saturday, February 3rd, at Castalano's downtown Houma restaurant. It is a truly great event, filled with great food, great auction items, and a great jazz group to get you hips swinging. Some of the items up for grabs are an private plane excursion to a great dinner venue, a 42" LCD television, a few nights in Florida, a classic acoustic guitar, and some very beautiful pieces or art.

It will be a truly awesome time, and your donation will help one of my favorite causes in my hometown. You can contact the arts council or my mother at the Waterlife Museum (985,580.7200) to buy tickets or to simply make a meaningful donation. Alternatively, you can give me a call to purchase tickets, since Axiom SA is proud to be a partner in such a great event.

So please come out and have an uncommonly good time.

Matt 5:16

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