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AxSA: The Week (04 August 2012)

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Dateline: 03 August 2012
AxSA: Factoid of the Week
31 July 2012
Has there been significant demand destruction in the U.S. economy? Consider this: as of 2011 our country has built economy that is just over $15.5 trillion in size, in terms of its economic output, and two-thirds of the demand for that output comes from consumers. Back in 2006, that output was being absorbed at uncommon pace. Consumer spending was so strong that some economists posited that America had a saving problem. In fact, in that year, the savings rate of most Americans was -1% of their personal disposal income. Put another way, for every $100 a person had to spend, that person spent $101-and that form of overspending, which totaled roughly $92 billion and was owed in large part to low borrowing costs, resulted in a second consecutive year of negative savings by Americans (only the fourth such year ever in the country's history). Now, in 2012, where interest rates are extremely low but actually borrowing prospects are also low for many Americans, and where uncertainty is sapping consumer confidence, the savings rate is strikingly high, at 4% (or $475.3 billion) of personal disposal incomes. The consequence of America's newly-found frugality is apparent, as it has produced a quantum shift in demand, leaving many businesses with unsold inventories of goods, up roughly 0.32% for the second quarter, and prompting others to refrain from new investment in resources and personnel.
23 July 2012
The demand by employers for H-1B workers usually fluctuates with conditions in the economy. Before the financial upheaval of 2008, for example, the number of applications for highly-skilled immigrant workers reached 404,907, the highest point in over the last ten years. Today, interestingly enough, though, demand for H-1B visas is still strong, with as many as 336,309 applications filed in 2011. Even still, the federal government has neither been quick nor liberal in its award of such visas. In 2011, it only granted 129,134 visas.
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