Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Week from AxSA (07.20.2011)

Dateline: 20 July 2011

AxSA Factoid of the Week
Last year, African nations secured a total of $84 billion in foreign direct investment, and by 2015, that amount of investment is expected to climb to $150 billion. Today ten countries receive 70% of that investment, and of those, only four recipients are sub-Saharan nations: Nigeria, Kenya, Angola, and South Africa.

News & Commentary
"Gang of Six" Plan Could Hinge on Tea Party Support
International Business Times
A bi-partisan deal that would lift the debt ceiling could be in the works, if the so-called hardliners are willing to play ball...Read More
To view deals on the plan, click here.

Migrants in Mexico Fall Prey to Gangs on Way to the U.S.
Wall Street Journal
An alleged mass kidnapping highlights yet another dark
side of the illegal migration issue...Read More

Analysis: Is It Too Early To Write Off Rupert Murdoch As CEO?
A mounting scandal at News Corporation is challenging the reputation and resolve of its iconic leader...Read More

The Not So Happy Campers
Texas Monthly
Camp Mystic, a venerable girls' camp, is the focal point of a bitter family squabble, highlighting the need for operating agreements and strong organizational governance...Read More

Focus and Scale on the Internet
Strategy + Business
For new Internet startups, a successful future starts with how well you can do at home...Read More

NFL Players Waiting For "Right Deal" Before Voting
Sporting News
There is no complete, tentative agreement on the table, as of yet, and an antitrust suit against the NFL is posing a hindrance...Read More

How Can Jeans Cost $300?
Wall Street Journal
A new cadre of "premium" jeans is redefining the market for these products, and consumers are spending handsomely for them...Read More

Talk Forward
Gary Harrell interviews business leaders, policymakers, and influential thinkers.

On July 29, 2011 - Cindy Dennney, Principal of Magnolia Media Management, discusses crisis management and disaster planning.

For visit the Talk Forward podcast website, click here.

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