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AxSA's The Week (05 July 2011)

Dateline: 05 July 2011

AxSA Factoid of the Week
Businesses in the United States pay taxes equivalent to roughly 1% of GDP, and some of the nation's biggest businesses have had sweetheart deals. In 2009, for example, ExxonMobil had a -38.3% tax rate on its U.S. profits. Likewise, at the same time, Boeing had a -9.1% tax rate on its own domestic profits.

News & Commentary
The Insidious Evils of "Like" Culture
Wall Street Journal
Popular opinion on the Internet is shaping the content we deliver to our social-media followers...Read More

What Is the Most Successful Groupon Deal Ever Offered?
The Atlantic
One Nordstrom offer grossed the daily-deal website $1 million...Read More

SBJ: China Tour Could Coincide With the NBA Lockout
Sporting News
Could the next Kobe Bryant game you see be played in, say, bustling Guangzhou? If the lockout drags on, and if Wasserman Media Group has its way, the answer is likely "yes"...Read More

Italy Comes Under the Crosshairs
Globe & Mail
With debt of over 120% of GDP and economic growth at a meager 1.3%, markets are now displeased with the state of affairs in this nation, as well...Read More

Revival Bid Pits Detroit v. Donor
Wall Street Journal
When the Kresge Foundation put up more than $135 million to revitalize a beleaguered city, it thought it would have more influence. City Hall had different ideas...Read More

Terrebonne, Lafourche Lag in Minority Business Growth
Houma Courier
With black-owned businesses representing less than 6% of Terrebonne's total number of registered enterprises, local leaders discuss the reasons for the disparity...Read More

Bootup: Facebook Unfriends Google+
Financial Post
The launch of Google's latest, social-media product prompts Facebook to prepare for war, by blocking the export of user contacts and information from its website to its rival...Read More

The End of the Space Age
The Economist
Does the grounding of NASA's fleet mark the end mankind's great journey beyond our world? Read More

Healthcare Reform
More Employers Are Offering On-site Medical Clinics
Los Angeles Times
Big employers are hoping to reduce medical costs by doing it themselves...Read More

NYC Business Owners Sick over Obamacare
New York Post
Many small businesses are postponing hiring plans because of rising healthcare costs...Read More

Talk Forward
Each month, Gary Harrell interviews business leaders, policymakers, and influential thinkers.
07 July 2011
10:30 AM (CDT)
Ryan Koonce, CEO of [Runtime: 30 mins]
To listen to the show, click here.
On July 29, 2011 - Cindy Denney, Principal of Magnolia Media Management, discusses crisis management and disaster planning.

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