Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Week from AxSA (03.31.2011)

Dateline: 31 March 2011

AxSA Factoid of the Week

Contrary to popular belief, we still make a lot of stuff in America. Manufacturers in the United States added 136,000 jobs in 2010. With that, surprisingly enough, 89% of research and development is still conducted in North America.

News & Commentary


Buy-and-hold Foreigners Descend on Japan Stocks

The Nikkei Weekly

Foreign investors have poured nearly ¥1 trillion into the Japanese equities, anticipating a strong recovery over the long term…Read More

Japan Could Cause Auto Supply Chain Rethink: Expert


The disaster in Japan is causing businesses to reassess their use of JIT manufacturing and other single-source supply chain techniques…Read More


Why Most Product Launches Fail

Harvard Business Review

Here are numerous tips to avoid the pitfalls that can result in a failed product debut…Read More

Are Daily Deals Destroying Your Brand

Globe & Mail

The online-coupon phenomenon is becoming a hit with consumers, but perpetual use of this model could be undermining your value proposition…Read More

Money & Finance

Taxes Changes for Health Insurance Buyers, Homebuyers & the Unemployed

Los Angele Times

Here are a few tips for those taxpayers who have yet to file…Read More

Few Banks Seek Funds for Small Businesses

Wall Street Journal

The Obama Administration has allocated $30 billion for lending to cash-strapped small businesses; however, the vast majority of banks have shown little interest in taking part in the program…Read More


Silver Races to Close Sliver/Gold Ratio

International Business Times

Silver’s rapid price ascension has market experts wondering if it could close the gap in an important value ratio…Read More

Commodities & the Law of Gravity

Futures Magazine

Author Shawn Hackett warns that high-flying commodities are likely to soon return to earth…Read More

Livestock Futures Hit Record Highs on Demand, Tight Supply

Wall Street Journal

Cattle and hogs are moneymakers for U.S. exports as consumption in the developing world rises…Read More

Global Inflation Map

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1 comment:

Cedrick said...

I heard that inflation in the USA would be about as high as it is in Russia if we measured inflation the way we used to and with food and energy prices. Is that true?

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