Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dateline: 16 February 2011

AxSA Factoid of the Week
A bottle of Bordeaux from Chateau du Moulin and a barrel of Brent Crude may have more in common than most realize. According to the IMF, fine wines and oil share commodity pricing cycles, rising and falling in tandem. For example, when oil prices slid 70% as a result of the credit crisis, so too did wine-by 42%. And as the economy began to heal, from the period starting January 2009 through July 2010, oil increased in price 86%, and wine followed with a 62% increase of its own.

News & Commentary


Patient Will Spend Last Days in Africa
Houma Courier
Linda Lahme left South Louisiana to build a foundation benefiting orphans in Zambia, before being forced out of her role later due to illness. Now in her final days, the former nurse will return to the place where she sought to make a difference...Read More

How Hugh Hefner Got His Groove Back
New York Times
America's king of smut wants another shot at running the brand that he built...Read More


Shortcuts on How to Increase Your Bottom Line with Government Contracts
The Women's Procurement Program makes federal contracting a more viable to booster revenue for women business owners...Read More

Exporting Requires Preparation
Houston Chronicle
For first-time exports, a resource on shipping, financing, and selling goods in foreign markets...Read More

Why It's Worth Paying For a Tax Pro
Wall Street Journal
New business owners would be well-served to consider the help of a professional...Read More

New York
Out-of-state Owners Could Face Tax Bill
Wall Street Journal
If you spend more than 183 days per year in their state, a New York court says you should be subject to their income taxes...Read More

Why World Needs Three Global Currencies
Financial Times
Fred Bergsten of the Petersen Institute for International Economics contends that the dollar as the world's reserve currency is more of a burden than a privilege for investors and the United States...Read More

A Reader's Guide to the 2012 Budget
A quick assessment of what is getting cut and why those things still aren't enough...Read More

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