Thursday, August 28, 2008

From Councilperson Arlanda Williams

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As a measure of preparation in the event of Hurricane Gustav, I thought I would take the time to send this message to each of you. I do not think that we should be in a stage of panic but a stage of preparation; you should gather your important information, i
.e., birth certificates, social security cards, home owners insurance papers, mortgage papers, and anything else of importance and place them in a storage device to take with you. You should also at this time be engaged in conversation with your family to discuss possible destination points in the event of an evacuation. There has been no clear point as to where Gustav will eventually make landfall; however, I am one to believe that it is better to be over prepared than ill prepared.

Please know that parish officials are preparing for all possiblities of Gustav. I BEG of you to follow any and all directions given by parish officials as it pertains to Hurricane Gustav.
Most of you have my cell phone number and home number should you need to contact me, and for those of you who do not my numbers are 985-870-0847 cell and 985-853-2079 home. Please CALL do not assume anything or think that you are bothering me. Please do not panic but do prepare and most importantly PRAY!

Again in continued efforts to keep you informed about preparations in the event of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Gustav, please see below the following locations that you can acquire sand bags after 2pm today:

*Civic Center Parking Lot
*Coteau Park
*Bayou Black Fire Station
*Schriever Fire Station
*Gibson Fire Station
*Gibson East
*Donner/Chacahoula Fire Station
*Gray Park
*Mechanicville Gym
*Roselawn Ave./Payne Street

I will continue to send email messages as I receive information. Also, in the earlier email I did not mention that I can also be contacted via email at the following addresses: or

God Bless,

Arlanda Williams

Councilperson, District 2
Terrebonne Parish Council

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