Monday, August 27, 2007

Off the Beaten Path in Puerto Rico

My arrival in Puerto Rico was about 24 hours ago, and this trip has been a true experience. Last night, the beneficial part of my working excursion took me to the southern city of Salinas, where I had this flaming Lamborghini (a massive super-shot at a bar called Double Six), and where I learned that rum flows like water. Then, this afternoon, my friend and tour guide Leonel introduced me to open-air, pig-roasting restaurants and also to quesitos from small bakery in a teeming, little barrio of Lalepa. (You gotta try these things, these quesitos. They are phenomenal!)

This place is so very different from any other in the United States. The culture and food and music notwithstanding, the first thing that I noticed was how poor so many are. There is public housing everywhere. What's more, there are sooooooo many pregnant, young girls here. It is an epidemic and probably a social services nightmare.

One interesting thing, the emergency services personnel here have to ride with their lights on, even when there is no emergency. It is hard for me to see how anyone can get a ticket here, especially when you can see those blue lights coming.

Here are a few images for you guys. Of course, I will keep them coming...

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