Monday, May 7, 2007


Most people who know me well enough also know that, beyond my proclivity for business and politics, I also have a decent love for literature and art. Last week, I was talking to my buddy Jude about the latter, and I realized that most people don't really know that about. Yeh, everyone knows that I write, but they probably would not guess that I have a few favorite pieces of art...Here they are. The first is Salvador Dali's rendition of The Last Supper, and I love it be/c it is compelling and tranquil. I have the poster hanging above my bed, so that I will look at it daily. Next, Thomas Cole's Consummation--personally loved for its rich use of color and the striking essence of prosperity it seems to capture. After that is one that few people have ever seen, Antonio Sant Elia's Citta Nouva, which I discovered while in college. I love this drawing, be/c the artist was far ahead of his time and always that his futuristic designs would never come to pass. (Here's a little known fact: God willing, when I am banking hundred of millions, I am going to build it in honor of a man who went to his grave being told "no".) And lastly there is Ron Dicianni's The Cross, which is loved for no better reason than Psalms 32:2. (Look it up. You will appreciate it.)

(Hey, don't forget to scroll down to the end of the blog to see this week's video clip. I personally am looking forward to seeing the documentary that spawned this trailer.)

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