Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lynx Commercial (This is FUNNY) ---and the video of the week

Do Ya Thang EnT™

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Digger said...

Dude, this are awesome clips. I am impressed by those kids, though. I wonder if moves like that help them get the girls. You think?

Chuck Thibodeaux said...

You know I have always been a great fan of dance, as a spectator or a participant. Whether it is classical, ball room, tap, couple dancing or breaking. We grew up with all types of music in the house and were fortunate to have a mother and father who were incredible dancers. My mother was a great beauty in here younger years. Very tall. 5'11- 6 foot and weighed in at about 95/100lbs. Daddy was a lady killer. Pure and simple. I have seen early pictures of them both and have watched them dance. Even today they can slip into 50?s type couple dancing at the drop of a hat. Pure magic. For some reason I was never able to pick up and learn that style of dancing. And I'm envious of those who can. At the height of my flexibility and youth I was never able to capture the art of break dancing that the two guys in the video you sent me can. It's a special gift. Not a talent that can be learned. One must be born with it.

Taylor L. said...

These were clever. Cute commercial. And those kids are turly at their best.

Trey said...

I have to say that we gotta give props, too, to the young man who put that video together. Now that is talent that needs to be encouraged.

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