Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sorry, it is not 1960...

So this dude named Don Imus opened his mouth and inserted his whole foot last week, and as a grave result, tonight, he no longer has a show on MSNBC.

The question: was the punishment befitting of the crime, or was Imus a victim of a politically-correct thrust in the 21st Century?

Well, this does not need much discussion...But, in the event that you think the latter is the reason of his shows expulsion from NBC, you need to remember that this is not 1960.

In that old time, my family and so many others faced some hellish bigotry based on something as uncontrollable as ethnicity. People like my grandfather busted their asses to create a legacy of change. Some even died for it. And what was that change? Strangely, the right to sit in a comfortable booth at Chili's, or the right to walk into a polling station without fear or disenfranchisement. What's more, they also fought for the right for their children and successive generations to be treated with equality, objectivity, and respect.

Yeh, respect--a condition defined by Webster's as a "state of esteem or a high regard". So where is the esteem or regard when a man like Imus, a man who has the ear of so many Americans, decides to insult a group of the young basketball players?

Clearly, there was none, and so, the ignorance has to go...Times have changed. It is not 1960. Sorry, Imus, but when you decide to utter such a tasteless and unsettling comment about any group, in this new time, you will get your ass ripped for it. And if you cannot keep your tongue in check, then you do not deserve the platform from which you speak.

I am no fan of political correctness, but I am also no advocate of attacking specific individuals, either. These young women did not ask for this, and regardless of what gets said, they did not deserve this.

Imiss missed. His bad joke cost him. And though it was not his first off-colored remark, it was certainly his last on MSNBC.

Now people will contend that there is a double-standard, and, um, there might be. But my beef is with one man who took careless, but no less deliberate, aim at a specific group of aspiring women...Deal will the issue at hand, first, and then we can deal with the others. I know I shall do my own part to continue to promote change, because, after all, this comment was as much about gender as it was about race. And so those who insult women should put on notice, as well. There is no room for that kind of talk in this new time, and if you continue it, you will earn your own Imus moment.

Matt 5:16

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Taylor Lambert said...

Thank you, Gary.

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