Monday, March 19, 2007

"C" Ray...

"C" Ray.

"C" Ray take charge of New Orleans at the turn of a new century, and figure out that it's best to, well, stay out of the way.

"C" Ray smile as New Orleans started to hum.

"C" Ray freak out and hide after a storm ravages his city.

"C" Ray sucker some folks with claims of resolve and win re-election in New Orleans.

"C" Ray govern, um, not so effectively.

"C" Ray ignore the chaos on, both, the blighted streets from Central City to New Orleans East and in the newly cleaned CDB and French Quarter.

"C" Ray struggle to explain why his city cannot find its footing, when quizzed by the journalists of a similar pigmentation.

"C" Ray figure that its easier to blame some post-K plot for the lackluster recovery in New Orleans rather than what's really going on.

"C" Ray now blame the press for misinterpreting his stupid comments.

News flash, Ray: there is no post-Katrina plot--and, very specifically, not one based on race. Everyone in the wounded metropolis is suffering, black and white, affluent and underprivileged. But you knew that already, huh? Yeh, that's right. This was just another opportunity for a black leader to act irresponsibly in front of a black crowd...The only plot that exists is the one that City Hall seems to be using, in order to convince everyone that the city is no different from the way it was on August 28, 2005. And that's why there's no recovery.

Matt 5:16

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