Friday, April 6, 2007

Axiom SA Press Release, 04.06.2007

Axiom S. A. To Join Client for Canadian Conference

(04.05.2007) – Axiom Strategy Advisors, LLC, is pleased to announce that it will join Mario Manufacturing, Inc., at the 23rd annual meeting of the National Association for Hose & Accessories Distributors (NAHAD), to be held in Victoria, B.C., Canada, on May 18-22, 2007.

NAHAD is an organization of several hundred members with a mission of promoting the highest standards available for products and services in the hose industry. The group provides continuing educational opportunities, as well as the development of industrial knowledge and safety standards, for hose manufacturers and distributors across the continent. This annual conference is the first to be held in Canada, and its theme will focus on improved growth and sales. Presenters from Deloitte & Touche, as well as Strategic Business Solutions, LLC, and the Institute of Trend Research, will join others to discuss increasingly significant changes in the industry and identify ways to plan for their impact.

About the conference, Randy Viteaux, the chief engineer of the strategic manufacturing partner for MMI, says, “This is an opportunity to meet with peers, to listen to their concerns, and to develop new or improve [existing] products.” Mr. Viteaux further explains that, while his responsibilities routinely bring him in contact with purchasing agents and operations managers, the NAHAD meeting will allow him to meet more business owners and upper-level managers.

Located in Houma, Louisiana, MMI manufactures and distributes commercial hose fittings. The corporate DNA of the company has long emphasized innovation as a catalyst for value-creation, and the business has continued to make strides with the development of new products like their No-Sweat line. Though smaller than competitors, MMI remains formidable with its high regard for creativity in R&D and with the agility in its business processes that efficiently bring concepts to market.

“You’ll see it here first,” declares Mario Corzo, the owner of MMI. He adds, “Our products are definitely for those who dare to be better. We strive to be trend-setters in our industry and to set a new standard that others will follow.”

Under a long-term service agreement, Axiom Strategy Advisors, LLC, has been providing financial and strategic consulting to Mario Manufacturing. During the Canadian meeting, the consultancy will extend its efforts to public relations services. The managing director of Axiom S.A., Gary Harrell affirms, “This is a big opportunity for the clients. It is important that Axiom help them carry their message, effectively, to potential customers and to their peers.”

Messrs. Corzo and Viteaux will lead this delegation traveling to Victoria. Also joining them will be Susan Bergeron, the MMI Vice-President in charge of finance and business development.

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